Falling For An Elf

Book 5

Returning to Thornewood and Blackthorne Forest, we find seven years have passed since the Blackthorne Forest series began. Our favorite characters are now adults.

Falling For An Elf is a clean romance featuring Justin Blackthorne, who had been sent away from home after many misdeeds, and Amy Strauss, who has made a success with the Catering Dept. in her family’s bakery.

Justin has grown up and matured, no longer the selfish teenager who caused so much pain for his family and friends. His Uncle Brian has decided to bring him home now that seven years have passed. But the question remains: Can Justin be forgiven by all those he hurt?

From the back book cover:

After seven years in an unpleasant Elven village with my uncaring father, I’d finally been allowed to come home to my twin brother Jason and our loving uncle Brian. Seven years had been more like a prison sentence, but I’m afraid I deserved it.

I’d been a selfish and immature Elven teenager. I was responsible for the kidnapping of my small, defenseless cousin simply because I didn’t want her intruding into my life. I never thought she’d actually get hurt; that wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did.

The wrong people gifted me with a cell phone, something I wasn’t entitled to. In return, I shared information that deeply hurt a friend and destroyed his family. That wasn’t supposed to happen either.

I was fourteen, selfish and immature, attractive only to the girl I dreamed about for the next seven years. 

She would probably never want me now. And I couldn’t blame her.

But I would move heaven and earth to try and win her back!

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