Claire Callan Fogel

Claire Fogel

After many years of business writing, I turned to writing fiction, something I’d always loved reading. It occurred to me that I most enjoyed reading Young Adult fiction because it wasn’t overloaded with profanity, violence, and graphic sex. The characters and the story are what really appeal to me. The love story in “Twilight” showed me the kind of story I most wanted to write. My thanks to Stephenie Meyer.

So far I’ve written five books, which all take place in a small town very much like the one I grew up in. With one exception. This small town, Thornewood, is surrounded by Blackthorne Forest, which is inhabited by a very different race of characters.  My characters are probably much like people you grew up with, your schoolmates, next-door neighbors, and people who seem to be a bit different from yourself. Maybe they are!

After the first four books, my fictional teenagers finally grew up and figured out what they wanted to do with their lives.  Book five is titled, “Falling For An Elf” and is the story of one young man, Justin Blackthorne, who had a very tough time growing up! I hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, I live in the California mountains with my musician husband Neil, and our very energetic Boxer, Elvis. When I’m not writing, I love to read and continue to enjoy our gorgeous mountain sunsets. I also enjoy hearing from my readers and will always respond to questions and comments about my books. Reviews are always valuable and extremely welcome!